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If Only London Could Be As Sunny As The Caribbean

“After yoles” Martinique 2012

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Once the daily boat race is over, speedboats, jet skis and catamarans all come together in a bay or an area sheltered from the wind to enjoy some music and drinks. Catamarans usually have DJs on board, turning their speakers up as loud as they can. Sometimes, when other boats are close enough, a catamaran can just supply some music all around, while people dance along, sipping rum, local beer and home-made liquors. Speedboats tend to get tied up to each other in line so that people can go from one boat to the next, making new friends, meeting old ones, sharing food and drinks. People swim from one boat to another, or alternatively use zodiacs and jet skis. In terms of drink supply, catamarans are the place to be for endless supply by sponsors such as local rum distilleries or beer breweries. Some catamarans host music bands such as THIS ONE. The atmosphere is joyous, fun and friendly, attracting people from other islands such as St Lucia or St Vincent.
Have a look at this VIDEO,  which captured quite well the atmosphere at the regatta this year.





Written by jessicaonpoint

September 20, 2012 at 9:07 pm

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